aesthetic gynaecology

Regenerative Aesthetic Gynaecology

Reviving the Feminine: Beyond Cosmetics with Regenerative Gynaecology

By Dr. Nadia Yousri

In the field of gynaecology, we would like to introduce you to a new term: ‘Regenerative Aesthetic Gynaecology.’ This innovative approach, pioneered by Dr. Yousri, is not just about aesthetics; it’s about function and well-being.

What is Aesthetic Gynaecology (AG)?

AG is a subspecialty that focuses on non-surgical treatments for vaginal rejuvenation. It zeroes in on non-surgical treatments aimed at vaginal rejuvenation. AG addresses gynaecological issues that arise post-childbirth, during menopause, and other life stages. AG isn’t solely about the aesthetic side. It’s about restoring the sensation and function of the feminine area.

Common Gynaecological Symptoms Treatable with AG:

  • Vaginal laxity
  • Urine leakage when laughing or coughing
  • Loss of aesthetic appearance of the feminine area
  • Reduced sensitivity and lack of orgasm
  • Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse
  • Anal area laxity and tissue volume loss

The Innovation Behind the Term:

I introduced the terms “Regenerative Gynaecology” and “Functional Gynaecology” to emphasise that this is a medical practice, not a cosmetic one. For a deeper dive into this topic, check out my blog post: It is Regenerative Gynaecology and not Aesthetics.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures Performed by Dr. Nadia Yousri:

  • Platelets Rich Plasma Injections (O-Shot, G Spot)
  • Laser procedures
  • Radiofrequency treatments (ThermiVa, Ultrafemme 360, FormaV, Fractora, Morpheus 8)
  • Labiaplasty (both non-surgical and surgical)
  • Labial HA Filler  
  • Vulval Whitening
  • Vaginismus treatment
  • Nano Plasma & Carboxytherapy

More Symptoms Addressed by Non-Surgical AG:

  • Vaginal wall laxity
  • Urine urgency
  • Vaginal dryness, irritation, or burning sensation
  • Diminished desire or sensitivity during intimacy
  • Vulvovaginal tissue volume loss
  • Recurrent vaginal discharge & infections
  • Mild vaginal prolapse
  • Anal opening leakage
  • Mal-healed post-birth scars
  • Lichen Sclerosis, Lichen Planus, cervical HPV infection
  • Pain during sex, vulvodynia, and vestibulodynia

Regenerative “Aesthetic” Gynaecology means a lot of things in the world of gynaecological treatments. It’s not just the feminine area looking good; it’s about feeling good and functioning at your best.

If you have any questions surrounding some of the above conditions and would like to find out how we may help you, please get in touch with us.