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O Shot London - Revolutionary Injection Treatment for Women

The O-shot®, sometimes termed the orgasm shot, is a specialised but naturally-sourced option that uses your own blood sample. The O-Shot procedure entails injecting Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP), and growth factors, into specific areas of the vaginal wall, the G Spot, and other genital areas. The procedure instigates new, healthier tissue formation. The O-Shot is literally a life changing procedure for certain women.

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The O-Shot - A recognised Procedure

The O-Shot has been a recognised treatment in the USA for over ten years. It is a non-surgical procedure in aesthetic/regenerative gynaecology. Dr Nadia Yousri, an authorised O-Shot provider in the UK and a leading expert, has performed thousands of these procedures in the last decade.

Why Choose Dr Nadia Yousri for Your O Shot in London

Choosing Dr. Nadia Yousri for your O Shot treatment in London means entrusting your care to a highly qualified and experienced professional. Dr Yousri, a Triple Qualified OB&GY Surgeon and a Fellow of the Royal College of OB&GY since 2009, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice. Our approach is not just about administering a treatment but has more to do with providing individualised care that deeply considers your unique needs. With a track record of excellent results and a 360-degree understanding of women’s intimate health, Dr Nadia stands up as a leading choice for those seeking effective and compassionate care in London.

What does the O-Shot cost?

The O-Shot is priced from £1350 with Dr Nadia Yousri.

How does the O-Shot work?

The O-Shot works by injecting platelet-rich plasma into specific areas of the female genitalia, such as the G-Spot and the upper wall of the vagina. This treatment attracts and multiplies healing cells like stem cells and fibroblasts, which regenerate vaginal tissues. The result is new tissue formation, increased blood vessels, enhanced sensitivity of nerve endings, and improved functionality of the intimate area.

How platelet rich plasma (PRP) initiates vaginal rejuvenation

Platelet-rich plasma and contained growth factors components work by sending regenerating signals to the regenerating cells to form healthier vaginal tissues.

The vaginal rejuvenation process results in the formation of new tissue and an increase in blood vessels in the entire feminine area. Ultimately, the treatment results in a tighter vaginal opening with restoration of lubrication, better sensitivity of the nerve endings, and enhanced sexual satisfaction, from the first treatment.

The orgasm shot treatment

The O-Shot has been dubbed the ‘Orgasm shot’ for its revolutionary treatment of female orgasmic disorder, female sexual arousal disorder and the more recently used terminology – female sexual interest/arousal disorder.

Many women report more frequent orgasms, decreased pain during intercourse, enhanced clitoral stimulation , younger looking tissues , enhanced G-spot stimulation and a more satisfying sex life. As well as an increased number of orgasms in general, women report orgasm from sexual stimulation to be stronger and more satisfying.

The O-Shot is one of the easiest and most natural ways for treating many forms of sexual dysfunction. The O-Shot is dubbed the Orgasm shot for good reason.

The Procedure of O Shot With Dr Nadia Yousri

Consultation and Personalisation

At Dr. Nadia Yousri’s clinic, the journey towards enhanced intimate health begins with a personalised consultation. Every single patient has unique needs, and Dr Nadia tailors the O Shot treatment exactly to those needs. During the consultation, patients can expect a thorough discussion about their medical history, current health concerns, and specific goals. This step ensures that the O Shot procedure aligns perfectly with your expectations and sexual health requirements.

The O Shot Treatment Process

The O-shot treatment at Dr. Nadia Yousri’s clinic is a meticulous process involving platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This procedure, performed with precision and care, involves injecting PRP into targeted areas of the vaginal wall, including the G Spot and other genital areas. The goal is to stimulate the regeneration of healthier tissue, enhancing sensitivity and overall sexual function. Dr Yousri’s expertise in this procedure ensures a comfortable experience with minimal discomfort, leading to promising results for patients seeking improved intimate health.

Which women are suitable for the O-Shot treatment?

The female genitalia is affected by natural ageing and declining oestrogen levels. At least 80% of women experience vaginal atrophy (shrinkage) symptoms post-menopause. These symptoms are known medically as vulvovaginal atrophy syndrome’ or ‘genitourinary syndrome’.

Consequently, those patients report changes in the genital area, such as vaginal narrowing and tissue shrinkage in the vaginal wall and the external genitalia area. Severe cases of vaginal dryness will affect female sexual health, with painful intercourse precluding normal sexual relationships and quality of life.

Post childbirth

Women of all ages can experience a traumatic childbirth. Following symptoms may include stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity syndrome and faecal incontinence. Also common is a diminished sensation during sexual intercourse, difficulty with sexual arousal and reaching orgasm, and later sagging of the vaginal tissues, known as genital prolapse. The O-Shot can help with many of these issues. 

Post Surgery

Women who have experienced other life events, such as a previous surgical procedure in the genital area, fluctuating body weight changes, intensive physical exercise, or post Chemo or Radiotherapy and autoimmune degenerative skin conditions.

O-Shot Before And After Pictures

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Gynaecological Conditions that benefit from an O-Shot


Before an O-Shot treatment, a consultation with Dr Nadia is essential for a general health history and detailed clinical Gynaecological assessment. The procedure is suitable for women aged 30-50, though many outside this range may also be eligible.

The O-Shot procedure takes a maximum of 45 minutes, including blood drawing and spinning to extract platelet-rich plasma.

The O-Shot is almost pain-free due to the application of a topical numbing cream before the injection.

The O-Shot procedure has no downtime or activity restrictions, including sexual activity. Minor swelling, discomfort, or small bruises may occur but typically resolve within 48 hours.

Effects from the O-Shot are usually noticed three months after the last injection, varying with the problem treated and individual response.

Yes, the O-Shot effectively helps to regain natural lubrication of the vaginal walls, addressing vaginal dryness.

Yes, the O-Shot, using Platelet Rich Plasma, stimulates vaginal wall regeneration, reducing pain during intercourse and addressing various related conditions.

The O-Shot enhances female sexual health by stimulating healthier vaginal tissue and blood flow, leading to increased sensitivity, elasticity, and improved sexual response.

Yes, the O-Shot has been effective in treating sexual dysfunction, improving symptoms like painful sex, sexual desire, arousal disorders, and orgasmic response.

Most women feel increased sensation and improved orgasmic response approximately 4-6 weeks after the O-Shot procedure.

The O-Shot aids in treating urinary stress incontinence by regenerating tissues and increasing blood flow, thereby restoring support to the urethra.

The next steps

If you suffer from any of the above issues, book a Consultation today with leading intimate health expert Dr Nadia Yousri. Dr Nadia is an authorised O-Shot provider in the UK, and is renowned for her extensive experience and individualised care. She has achieved excellent results in this specialty. Other O-Shot providers may not have the vast experience that Dr. Nadia has. If you are interested in the O-Shot, London is the place to come.

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