vaginal thread lifting

Vaginal Thread Lifting

Vaginal Thread Lifting (VTL) is an innovative, customised procedure that lifts and rejuvenates feminine areas. Performed by Dr. Nadia Yousri, an OB/GYN surgeon, VTL applies her knowledge of using surgical threads to the vulvovaginal structures. Dr Nadia, as a gynaecologist surgeon, has developed her own novel technique. She has named it the N Lift. This bespoke technique is tailored individually to achieve specific goals for each patient.

How Vaginal Thread Lifting Works

VTL utilises specialised threads to lift and rejuvenate the vulvovaginal area. The goal is to restore the anatomy, functionality, and tissue tone of the treated areas by stimulating the formation of new collagen. 


The VTL procedure can address a variety of intimate concerns:


  • Vaginal laxity and mild prolapse
  • Mild to moderate tissue redundancy with stress urinary incontinence (SUI)
  • Loss of volume and saggy tissue
  • Lax vaginal opening
  • Weakened sense of support, short perineum, or weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Ill-healed scars in the intimate area

The N Lift Technique

Dr. Nadia Yousri’s unique “N Lift”™ technique is a customised approach to VTL designed to address each patient’s specific concerns and desired outcomes. By tailoring the procedure to the individual’s anatomy and goals, Dr. Nadia ensures optimal results and patient satisfaction. This bespoke technique sets Dr. Nadia apart in the field of vaginal rejuvenation.

Are You a Candidate for Vaginal Thread Lifting?

A clinical assessment is essential to determine if you are eligible for VTL and to evaluate the potential success rate of this non-surgical procedure for your individual case. Certain conditions may make you unsuitable for VTL, including:


  • Childbirth within the past year
  • Surgically indicated vaginal wall prolapse
  • Local vulvodynia or chronic dyspareunia (pain during sexual activity)
  • Irregular vaginal bleeding, untreated vaginal discharge, or active infections
  • Allergies to biomaterials, antibiotics, or local anaesthetics
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Connective tissue diseases or autoimmune conditions
  • Use of certain medications (anticoagulants, vitamin E, isotretinoin, etc.)
mint and spring threads

The Threads Used in Vaginal Thread Lifting

Dr. Yousri uses premium, FDA-approved PDO threads like MINT™, which have a long-established safety record in surgical procedures.

SPRING™ threads, made of an inert silicone matrix and polyester, are also used. They provide elasticity, flexibility, and longer-lasting effects. The choice of thread depends on the target area and the patient’s anatomy.

MINT™ threads are biodegradable and dissolve after approximately 6-9 months, but their collagen-stimulating effects can last 1-2 years. SPRING™ thread results typically last 3-5 years.

What to Expect from Vaginal Thread Lifting

Immediate improvement is noticeable post-procedure, with continued enhancement as collagen formation is stimulated over 3-6 months. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, using strict antiseptic measures and an infection prevention protocol. It is typically done at least one week after menstruation.

Post-procedure care instructions include a prescribed antibiotic course, avoidance of anti-inflammatory medications and certain activities, and allowing 10-14 days for healing. Potential risks and complications, while rare, may include infection, swelling, bruising, foreign body reactions, or temporary changes in sensation or urination.

The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Provider

VTL should ideally be performed by an experienced, trained gynaecologist who possesses detailed knowledge of the vulvovaginal anatomy. This expertise allows for the safe execution of the procedure and proper management of any potential complications. It is crucial to select a provider who operates in a CQC-regulated facility to ensure the highest standards of care.

Can Vaginal Thread Lifting help you?

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, then there is a good chance VTL can help you. Book in for a consultation with Dr Nadia to discuss if this would be your best option. Dr Nadia offers many solutions for vaginal rejuvenation and has vast experience in all the procedures she offers.

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