Vampire breast lift at Dr NY Aesthetics

Non-Surgical Breast lift (aka Vampire Breast Lift)

Breasts are sexual organs that show changes throughout life.

Certain activities or life events can have their impact on the breasts shape & function like pregnancy, breastfeeding, ageing process, fluctuations in woman weight, physical exercise (running, jumping), declining Oestrogen levels at menopause or after Chemotherapy, could leave breasts saggy, pendulous (weak suspensory ligaments), droopy, flatter or more empty looking. The overlying skin could go wrinkled (crinkly dry) with stretch marks. The nipples’ line drops (pointing) downwards or become flattened or inverted or shrunk in size.

Complete loss/or diminished nipples’ sensation can happen with any of the above-mentioned conditions or as a collateral side effect with cosmetic breast surgery like uplift procedure (Mastopexy), breast augmentation (prosthetic or autologous implants), breast reduction or correction of asymmetry in shape or size.

Undoubtedly, that could have an overwhelming negative impact on women’s confidence, self-esteem & subsequently her family life & mental health.

1. Non-Surgical Breast Lift (aka Vampire Breast Lift, VBL)

Most women are reluctant to have surgery to correct the changes that happen to breasts shape & contour or to lift up nipples’ level and find the idea terrifying; however, there are non-invasive techniques which deliver a natural looking result using platelet rich plasma (PRP) aka: Vampire breast lift (VBL).

VBL is a non-surgical procedure for women who are looking to give their beasts an immediate rounded & fuller appearance.

Merits of VBL?

Vampire breast lift treatment gained popularity with women of all ages because it is a safe and comfortable procedure.

VBL (PRP injection) has an immediate result in the form of having more perkier cleavage, more contoured beasts that give the impression of slight breast lift (not an actual lift) besides stimulating tissues’ rejuvenation & correction of asymmetries

VBL restores perkier shaped nipple and more importantly regains the lost sensation which will typically last anywhere between 12-24 months, depending on individual patients.

VBL improves the appearance of texture of the overlying skin & improves the appearance of scares and stretch marks due to formation of collagen.

You should notice gradual changes in breast tone and texture over time and full results often are noticeable after three months.

How does NON-Surgical Breast Lift work?

Vampire breast lift procedure works by harnessing woman’s own body natural ability to stimulate and boost cell renewal, protein synthesis and formation of new endogenous collagen that would allow the formation of new tissue adding volume to the breasts, tightening and firming of the overlying skin.

How is it done?

Vampire breast lift involves taking a sample of woman own blood that is placed in the centrifuge to isolate the platelet rich plasma with growth factors which are natural biological mediators involved in the regeneration and repair of tissues then injected into breast tissue-with certain technique- to stimulate regeneration process and the growth of stronger, healthier tissue using a numbing cream.

What is the downtime & after care?

There is no downtime. There might be very little bruises or redness at the injection sites, that go unnoticed. No complications otherwise when performed by a trained doctor.

Any contraindications?

Not to be done peri- pregnancy or breast-feeding periods. Patients who had Breast Ca treatment should have 5-year clearance before having VBL. It should be also to abandoned in patients with Genetic predisposition due to inheritance of BRCA1 & BRCA2.

However, there is no enough evidence either way evaluating the risk of recurrence with PRP injections.

2. Use of Hyaluronic Acid Filler for Enhancement of Nipple Projection

What is Nipple Dermal Filler Enhancement?

It entails injection of HA Dermal Filler to augment the Nipples & their projection in cases of inverted or flattened native nipples or following breast reconstruction surgery.

What are the advantages?

Advantages include the ability to correct inverted nipples and to obtain cosmetically acceptable nipple projection either of the native nipples or in mastectomy preserved nipple procedures or in mastectomy with skin flaps especially following implant-based reconstruction. Another benefit of this adjunct treatment is that the injection is reversible.

What are the possible disadvantages?

Nipple filler injection could lead to further reduction in sensation and potentially interfere with breast feeding.

The injection procedure may be painful- despite of topical numbing cream application

What is Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler?

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan biopolymer naturally produced by the human body. Hyaluronic acid fillers, therefore, have a good safety profile as an injectable.

Hyaluronic acid products were initially developed as an alternative to collagen. One benefit of hyaluronic acid compared to collagen is a longer duration of action. Another unique characteristic of hyaluronic acid fillers is that; as the product degrades, the remaining hyaluronic acid binds additional water to maintain a constant overall volume

How safe?

Nipples’ Filler injection is a safe and simple solution to the problem of insufficient nipple projection. It is a safe procedure by the knowledgeable experienced Specialist (with different techniques, however, the use of hyaluronic acid fillers in this area is not FDA approved procedure.

Nipple HA Filler injection could increase the risk of nipple or breast infections. In addition to the potential

How long does the result last?

The results last for three to six months.

Who is the operator/injector?

It should be done by trained doctor, appreciating the variation in anatomy of the breast area, to avoid the potential associated complications like incidental HA dermal filler intravascular injections or distant thrombi or anaphylactic/allergic reaction etc.

Breast Surgery

Though this topic is outside the scope of the blog, however, there are some points to mention about surgery. Kinds of surgeries are uplifting (Mastopexy), reconstruction with prosthetic implants-based or with autologous tissues

Surgical lifting (Mastopexy)

The advantages of the uplift surgery include setting the breasts at higher level with firmer & voluminous look. The nipples will be lifted & pointed up (youthful position). The breast will have more attractive appearance in a wider range of clothing options including swimsuits & strappy tops.

What are the disadvantages of Surgery?

It is invasive procedure under General Anaesthesia & involves making unsightly incisions (cut) around the areola & another vertical incision underneath the areola to the base to remove excess skin and reshape the breast tissue.

Immediate disadvantages: the breasts will look discoloured and feel very firm and swollen. The recovery period could be within two to three weeks.

The sensation in the nipples & the breast as whole will be greatly diminished because of the surgery.

If the woman is planning to have children in the future or to lose considerable weight, then it might be best to postpone breast uplift surgery until after these events.