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It is Regenerative Gynaecology not Cosmetic

Hi, my name is Dr. Nadia Yousri, I have been working as an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in NHS hospitals in the UK for 20 years & in private sector recently. I am also skilled in what is called “Aesthetic Gynaecology”

This newly introduced MEDICAL Subspecialty championed by Gynaecologists using NON-surgical measures to address Gynaecological symptoms of the feminine area’s dysfunctions; through inducing Vaginal Rejuvenation to treat problems that happen following giving birth or menopause; like loss of tonicity, urinary-Stress- incontinence & diminished sensation, painful birth related scars or laxity etc. Examples of Aesthetic Gynaecology procedures entails using a category of non-surgical procedures like PRP injections, Energy Based Devices etc, as a new option of treatment of these common dysfunctions. These kinds of procedures have been long in use in other medical specialities e.g regenerative medicine, sports medicine etc. As a Gynaecologist myself, I found these non-surgical procedures do work well in improving the quality of life of the ladies providing proper selection of the cases. I feel it is new expansion to the spectrum of my “Conventional Gynaecology” practice, because, now I can confidently offer another successful non-surgical treatment option to deal with these dysfunctions where NHS has no other better effective measures to offer apart from surgical approach.

Because it does treat dysfunctions (a kind of rehabilitating) & not cosmetic, I created new descriptive term that I strongly suggest using, which is “Regenerative Gynaecology” or rejuvenating or reparative or rehabilitating or complementary Gynaecology rather than the term “Aesthetic Gynaecology” as it is deceiving and could be regarded as demeaning by the public.

to reaffirm the above mentioned meaning:

The term “Aesthetic “Gynaecology means the subspecialty of Gynaecology that treats problems affecting the SENSATION function in the Feminine Area (i.e NOT Cosmetics)

Therefore, Dr. Nadia Yousri is the first Gynaecologist to name it as “Regenerative Gynaecology” or “Functional Gynaecolgy” ©® ™ in order to declare it clear it is a medical treatment by doctors & not under Cosmetics.