Dr Nadia Yousri Clinic Terms And Conditions

Purpose of these Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) governing your use of our clinic’s services. By accessing and using our services, you, as the patient, acknowledge and agree to these terms. You agree to adhere to these service terms and all pertinent laws and regulations by engaging with our website. In doing so, you accept responsibility for ensuring your actions comply with local laws. You are prohibited from using or accessing this platform if you disagree with any part of these terms.

Website Images

Before-and-after treatment and medical condition photos have been consented to for anonymous use by the patients. They are the property of Dr Nadia Yousri Clinic and were taken by Dr Nadia Yousri. Pictures are strictly prohibited from reproduction or use on other platforms without express written consent. Current copyright and trademark laws protect the content on this website.

Privacy Policy and Data Use

Data Collection

We collect personal information you voluntarily provide us, including but not limited to your name, contact details, and medical history. This information is essential for securing appointments, tailoring our consultation and treatment planning, and improving our services.

Use of Data

Your personal data is used exclusively for the purpose it was collected for, such as booking appointments and medical assessments and providing you with information about our services. We may also use your contact information (by your prior consent) to update you with our latest services, offers, and news, from which you can unsubscribe anytime.

Data Sharing and Disclosure

We commit to not disclosing or sharing your personal information with third parties without your express written consent, except where required by law. All patient information is protected in accordance with current Data Protection Legislation.

Data Protection

We employ various security measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised access, alteration, or destruction. Data is stored in secure facilities and subject to strict confidentiality protocols.

Your Rights

You have the right to access, correct, or delete your personal information held by us. Requests for access or correction can be directed to our clinic’s contact information provided on this website.

Intellectual Property

Content Ownership

All content on Dr Nadia Yousri’s website, including text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, and software, is the property of Dr Nadia Yousri or its content suppliers and is protected by international copyright and trademark laws.

Use of Content

The content of Dr Nadia Yousri’s website is provided for information and educational purposes only. It may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way without the express written consent of Dr Nadia Yousri. However, you may download, display, and print the materials on this website for personal, non-commercial use only.


The trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed on this website are the registered and unregistered marks of Dr Nadia Yousri, its licensors or content providers, or other third parties in the case of brands and devices used by Dr Nadia Yousri. All of these trademarks, logos, and service marks are the property of their respective owners. Nothing on this website should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any trademark without the written permission of Dr Nadia Yousri or such third party that may own the trademarks.


Booking a Consultation:

Required Information: To book a consultation, please provide your full name, contact details, email, address, and date of birth. All personal data provided will be treated confidentially in accordance with Data Protection Legislation. We will not share your information with third parties without your written consent. Consultations will be held in English or Arabic as appropriate. Please refer to our detailed contact information and clinic location.

Consultation Process

Face-to-face consultations include a detailed medical history review, clinical examinations, and psychological assessments. Virtual consultations for overseas patients are available but are subject to specific privacy considerations. (General and Intimate Health, including the necessary screening tests as required).

Treatment Counselling

Following the assessment, you will receive counselling regarding treatment options, their success rates, and a tailored care plan designed for optimal results.

Cooling-Off Period

We offer a minimum one-week cooling-off period. However, treatments may commence on the same day for fully informed patients providing consent.

Post-Treatment Protocol

Following your procedure, you must adhere to post-treatment instructions and complete the recommended course of treatment. Follow-up visits are scheduled to evaluate improvement and discuss any additional sessions or therapies needed.

Fees and Payment

We operate a full transparency policy regarding consultation and treatment fees. Costs will be fully explained, along with an estimated number of treatments required, which may vary from patient to patient. Initial Consultation Fee: The consultation fee is £350, payable separately from procedure fees.

Procedure Fees vary depending on the treatment chosen. Final quotes will be provided after the initial assessment.

Package payments are available at a 10% discount to encourage treatment course completion. Follow-up visits do not incur charges.


All packages are to be paid in full before treatment commences. All packages and treatments are non-refundable and non-transferable. The session will be deducted from the course if a client fails to arrive for the appointment or provides a cancellation notice of under three working days.

Accepted Payment Methods

Payments can be made by card (including Amex) or by cash on the day of treatment.


Booking and Deposits: Please call or email us with your preferred date and time to book an appointment. A booking deposit of £150 is required, which will be deducted from your consultation or treatment fees. Direct Booking Number: 07983 983 330 Email @info@DrNyaesthetics.com

Cancellation and Rescheduling

Your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel or reschedule less than three days before the appointment.

The Quality Care Commission (CQC)

The CQC is a regulatory body that ensures health and social care services in England to provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, and high-quality care. Dr Nadia Yousri Clinic operates within CQC-regulated premises and abides by their regulations.

Feedback and Complaints

We welcome your feedback and provide a protocol for submitting and resolving complaints.

Complaint Policy

If you have any complaints, please inform us verbally or in written form as soon as possible. We will arrange an appointment to discuss your concern and will make every effort to resolve it. Our clinic completely abides by CQC policy regarding dealing with complaints.


We encourage clients to share their experiences for the benefit of others, so we provide links to share and feedback forms to complete.

Age Policy

We do not treat children or young adults under 18 regarding the common indications for Functional/Regenerative Gynaecology procedures. However, under extreme and limited circumstances and in relation to certain medical conditions, namely Lichen Sclerosis or Vaginismus that affects the quality of life from a younger age, we strictly reserve the right to evaluate the need to treat at the age of 18 years old, providing patient had exhausted NHS treatment options with the progressive crippling condition, and providing they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Children Policy

Please do not bring children to the clinic unless they are old enough to be left unsupervised. Children will not be allowed to accompany you in the treatment room.

Your Responsibility as a Patient

Dr Nadia Yousri’s clinic is committed to providing you with the highest standard of care and treatment. To achieve the best possible outcomes from your consultations and treatments, we recognise the importance of a collaborative approach. As such, we outline the following responsibilities for our patients:

  1. Accurate Information: Please ensure that all information regarding your medical history, current medications, and other pertinent health details is complete and accurate. This is vital for assessing treatment suitability and reducing the risk of complications.
  2. Communication: Please inform us about any changes in your health condition or concerns you may have regarding your treatment. Effective communication is key to tailoring our care to meet your needs.
  3. Compliance with Instructions: Adhere to our specialists’ pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions. This includes but is not limited to, skincare routines, medication regimes, and activity restrictions to ensure optimal treatment efficacy and recovery.
  4. Appointment Commitments: Respect the scheduling commitments by arriving on time. If you cannot attend, provide as much notice as possible, ideally adhering to our three-working-day cancellation policy, to allow us to offer the slot to another patient.
  5. Respectful Conduct: We strive to maintain a respectful and welcoming environment for all our patients and staff. During your visits, please extend the same courtesy to our team members and fellow patients.
  6. Financial Responsibility: Understand and fulfil the financial obligations associated with your treatment. This includes timely payment for consultations, treatments, and any agreed-upon packages.
  7. Informed Decision-Making: Take an active role in your treatment plan. Ask questions and express your concerns to make informed decisions about your care.

You contribute significantly to our clinic’s safe, effective, and positive experience by taking responsibility in these areas. We value our partnership with you in achieving your aesthetic and health goals.

Dr Nadia Yousri Clinic

Our ethos is to provide top-quality, evidence-based medical care services by a highly qualified doctor experienced in customising the treatment plan to achieve the highest successful results safely. The doctor is committed to providing honest and ethical advice and employing scientifically trusted premium-quality products and FDA-approved machines to serve your best interest.

Despite our consistent endeavours to deliver the best we can, treatment results are not guaranteed, and we cannot offer refunds if the results achieved do not meet your expectations.

These terms and conditions were reviewed on 06/05/2024 by Dr Nadia Yousri.

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