Erectile Dysfunction in Men Causes

Definition: Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the difficulty in attaining or maintaining firm erection sufficient to permit satisfactory intimate relationship in more than 50% of the time. Sometimes referred to as impotence. [NHS policy] The failure to get an erection in less than 20% of the time can occur for a variety of reasons, such as […]

Vaginismus Treatment By The Expert Dr Nadia Yousri

About Vaginismus Vaginismus is an involuntary painful contraction (spasm) of the pelvic floor muscles on attempting penetrative sexual intercourse, or to allow Gynaecological examination (e.g. Bimanual exam or inserting speculum for Cervical Screening test etc), or on trying to insert a tampon. (Shutting off). In a more difficult degree, generalized muscle spasm could happen with […]

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment: Male Pattern Hair loss treatment A) Pharmacologic (over the counter VS prescriptive) Treatment of Androgenic alopecia progresses over time and although the current available medical treatments like finasteride (Propecia), Spironolactone (Aldactone) and minoxidil (Rogaine) in the form of foam or shampoo etc. Though they could be effective in arresting the progression of […]

Hair loss

Hair loss is a main concern for men and women, many of them battling sudden balding or thinning hair and search for solution. Healthy hair reflects our personality and image, if we lose a lot of hair we may feel less in control and it can affect our self-esteem. It’s normal to lose between 50 […]

Non-Surgical Lip enhancement in both genders

Lip augmentation procedures with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers [aka the Nonsurgical Lip Lift -NLL) have become increasingly popular worldwide because full lips are often considered beautiful and youthful. Lip filler procedure whether for augmentation or contouring requires an artistic acumen with excellent technical skills & intensive knowledge of the 3D anatomy of the facial structures […]

Pain During Intercourse (Dyspareunia)? & Non-Surgical Treatments

Definition: Dyspareunia (a medical term) is the recurrent or persistent pain with sexual activity (intercourse/intimate relationship). Pain during sex; is very common in women at some time of their lives which could be a sign of gynecological problem or caused by problems with sexual response such as lack of desire. The reported prevalence is 10%-20% […]

Gynaecology: Well Women Health & Screening

What I offer A visit to gynecology is recommended for annual screening and at any time a woman has concerns about symptoms such as vaginal pain, discharge, abnormal bleeding. Most women know they should see an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) at some point in their lives in order to maintain good feminine health. However, it can be […]

Pregnancy Stretch Marks – The Tigress’ Pattern!

Stretch marks (SM) are the most common skin & connective tissue disruption condition that present in 90% of Caucasian women (less in Asian & Afro-Caribbean) and in 80% of men. Stretch marks appear as a result of over-stretching of the skin (as in pregnancy 90% or being overweight or part of ageing process) most commonly […]