P-Shot® (Priapus Shot), A Natural Solution for Sexual Dysfunctions in Men

Platelets Rich Plasma injections (aka P-Shot; invented & registered by Dr C. Runels).

The P-Shot is considered a revolutionary option to deal with Erectile dysfunction. The P-Shot® procedure entails injecting the growth factors present in man’s own blood (PRP) to stimulate regeneration of healthier and more functional tissue within the Male organ replacing the damaged tissues resulting in firmer erection, enhanced sensation, and consistently confident performance.

How does P-Shot work?

P-Shot®: injecting man’s own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the Male Organ to instigate the attraction & multiplication of regenerative cells like stem cells & fibroblasts inflow to the area leading to rejuvenation of penile tissues with formation of new blood sinuses (neovascularisation) increasing the blood inflow resulting in stronger erection & size enhancement & higher sensation.

Who can have P-Shot?

P-Shot addresses all degrees of Erectile Dysfunctions, Peyronie’s disease. Penile Lichen Sclerosis, lack of sensitivity or desire, premature ejaculation, shrinkage of the penile tissues etc.

Who performs it?

Dr. Nadia Yousri, the expert in Aesthetic Gynaecology & Sexual Wellness Consultant, FRCOG, MRCOG, PhD & MSc, carries out the Full Clinical assessment and performs the procedure with proven track of success, at a World-Renowned Specialised Centre for Men’s Intimate Health (Dr SWclinics) located in Harley Street, London.

What does it entail?

A numbing cream is applied after clinical assessment. Patient’s own blood sample is taken & spun to prepare the PRP injection.

Any pain, downtime, side effects or complications?

PRP therapy is a well-tolerated procedure with a numbing cream of the skin and takes about 60 minutes for start to finish. There is no down time, the patient may resume sexual activity on the same day. It is safe procedure as it is the person’s own blood; with no complications

What are the potential benefits?

It has many benefits which include:

Stronger, firmer erections.

Increased sensation and pleasure.

Improve self-confidence and restore intimacy in relationship.

Increased penile length and girth.

Better overall blood flow to the penis

What is the success rate?

Results vary based on many factors that are determined during Consultation & clinical assessment and the target it is purposed for e.g it provides 75-80% success rate in straightening Peyronie’s bents/deformity.

When Can I see improvement?

Time is variable because it depends on the amount of time for the body to respond & start the healing process to get the intended improvement. It could take up to 6 months to notice a real physiological change in the success group.

Is one treatment enough?

From the published data & clinical experience, most cases will require more than one session. Therefore, the treatment protocol understandably is a patient specific, that is determined & agreed at the time of Consultation. Book a consultatiion here.


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